Sunday, December 27, 2009

I wanted to sail the sea,
but i became an anchor,
now my chains rusty and weak,
and my few few friends are starting to
see it in me,

they're all going to leave.
my hearts pointing north,
but my feet are heading east

and i see the shore,
but i'm not sure
it's the shore,
that i'm looking for.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

both gifts we give, shed to ours departed.

How deep;
You, and the ocean sink,
While golden gates assume;
Eternal rust. Isolation in
Jubilance, through blackened streets,
Once shadows and webs-
A dust settled rose;
How admired.
Wince wings of wax,
My lover flows, higher.
Breathless bodies, deep and slow
I among the sleepless (sinking) slaughter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

playing house

So many secrets we share,
Groomed by glances and soft,
Small smiles.
Tucked deep away, hidden by our
Vocabulary of weak knees, quick nods and
rosy cheeks,
How I wish I had a lover whom never had to hear me speak.
Who’s kisses, not unlike a sunrise call for
Drapes to be drawn,
Who’s eyes invoke chapters, inspire stanzas
But read only mine.
While heavens glands may soak into the sea to breathe,
As I glance, she reads
My Dear, after me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

banned books

it costs too much to stay alive,
so we're going to die when we're twenty five
we'll save ourselves some years of hell
we'll dry out with our bank accounts

wait, wait!
take the bait!
pray wait and listen
(everyone i know is hanging from the same rope)

we're just ghost skin
laying in the sheets that we slept in
going back on promises
and human connections
take the bait!
just, pray wait and listen.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Out in the open,

We’ve been Hanging out too much on richmond street
If you see me at the same bar tomorrow night
You may as well just kill me,
Or at least buy me a drink,
Meet me half way with some courtesy
Convicts with conjectures running around
Turning talbot into the mean streets
Said it’s all yellow lights if you look at it right
Handed off some speed and sped on through
Knew how the market grew.
Screen doors with holes near the floor
Never closed anyways,
Let the breeze carry the sweat while it beads,
soaks in and stains
And she never said she could save you
But she knew a guy who she thought could help
All these uptown pricks
Trying to be lions but there no bigger
Then these mice sneaking into my house

Friday, November 13, 2009

a plea bargin and a leap of faith

When your on your way to Kingston
Hell’s not an option it’s a distance
They burnt me down and smoked me out
Like a snake

Muttering confessions
I know she’ll end up in heaven
I’ll be behind these bars
Watching chariots take the gates

Monday, November 9, 2009

your smile says you love me,
but my hearts been wondering
and your touch doesn't feel the same,

and i thought i came off strong
but my words were weak.
lost in the vocabulary;
she found a flower but
picked the weed.
built up the walls but
the roof still leaked.

and now i've got my head in the oven,
because shes got a bump to her stomach
and i haven't worked in a while
and I've got a family on the southside
of town,
she doesn't even know about.

keep east

Ted Hughes

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make it a close shave,
be sure to match your leathers.
Straight faced,
well aged with an
after taste.
birds of a feather.
Strong believer in old advice
the late night Fathers, Fathers kind.
lead the rather you drink at their table
then have to drive kind of life.
worked in sales and knew how to lie.
Had a wife but she died.
had a heart but the beat
wasn't right.
knew some knots,
tied up his lose ends
and said good bye.
Left the note on the chair
for his son to find.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

peeling the salt from the sea from the shore

and we're hiding in the pure of the old,
sneaking breaths under water.
cracks with the grain like old wooden bones,
"treat it like gold"
what worked for your father.

holding it together in hospital rooms.
souls turn to ghosts, the tide to the moon.
leaking like air from ballons.