Thursday, January 13, 2011

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poem/song lyrics

like the pacific,
without any water in it,
just bones of boats
and rats killing everything
the oil didn't,
that's how i feel about at least
half of these 'friendships'
that's why i'm
getting restless,

so i'll hold your hand if you're
getting scared,
i just came into some money
so if you want to get out of here,
just do your hair up tight
for the ride,
cuz i'll drop the top
and we could hit the 401 together

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

gettin' ready to get out

the wild cowboys tame the wild horses,
yours, mine, us, ours
why wonder when you can ride?
surrounded at the library
sympathetic thinkers
unsympathetic odors,
the horses round' here come in tame
and leave bucking wild
through the mall and down dundas
into what they think
could be the sunset

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bible Belt

Her thighs opened smooth, carved and hard,
My fingertips griped them as they would 
A lid to a casket,
A place men go but never come out of

The aroma of her cunt danced with the 
Sweat and the thick humid air,
Twinkled like a star through the sheets,
The funeral was starting I could hear the music
My blood turned to feathers
As her grip tore me by my spirit
And turned me inside out
I took her by suprize,
Found her flower and stole the pollen
And fucked her in a way
She knew she would be
Staying fucked. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


You got it all wrong, man
You only want it because it vanished, 
It's like... high noon and you're just
Walking circles looking for your shadow,
Well it will come back just give it 
Some time,
Be patient, and ya so much easier said 
Then done
I know you know I know that,
But ain't another option
Cuz those veins ain't empty yet
And it's not the pain we're worried bout
As much as what we'll do if we ever
Actually get what we've been
Askin' for
And realize 
It's not her as much as her absence that your drawn too,
And she's got her own things going
And you have your own things going
We got it all wrong, man
But if you gotta want something,
It mayaswell be her,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

born, raised

Saturday, December 18, 2010

snow angel

the moon
crawled across the sky,
a prelude to the suns rise;
as it followed close behind,
longing to wake and catch your eye

...we'll get her next time

the way
a rose grows it's pedals
just to have them
i'm writing to say
i love you,
because you wont pick
up my

what did I do so wrong?

my angel, 
etched in snow
keeping cold.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

drunk blah blah blah typer

poisoning the well

the need has began taking the heart
the soul
the organs and the spirit.

i'm afraid it's gone too far,
that there is more poison than water
in the well

and we are doomed.
fate sealed tight

the genie is out of the bottle and pounding my
chest with a hammer
he needs to have his wishes.

he wants me to have my wishes,

i want my wishes.

as the devil sews on wings
i sit here in silence
wondering if i'm losing it
or if it's lost

if it's the poison I want or to be

Friday, November 5, 2010

road beers

None of this makes as much sense as I thought it would.
I don't know what you're doing
What you've been doing,
I've made it a point not too.

I'm here now, where you are 
I'm in the quick sand
I'm with you

Be a little kinder
Throw me that branch
It's right there
You can see it
And I can see it too.

It's pathetic,
Tell everybody,
Tell the web designers, make sure the label reps know too.

The cats claw,
The car alarms,
The best bars,

Hope everything is awesome. 

Antlers in the Snow

I've been spying on the drunks
(tonight I'm not one of them)
from my
living room window.

I put the kettle on and
wait for it to sing

the slurred banter runs from the street
into my kitchen

I get out my favorite
black mug,
the one she left behind
and squeeze half a lemons juice into
the hot Red Tea.

National Geographic is on the television
at 2:45 am. It's an hour long special on the Moose.

I have been sober (and sane) for 4 nights now,
while it seems
the Moose has for his entire life.

I sip the tea, I wait for rest.

I've been thinking of you,

Just so you know.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas 1995

I don't remember much of Thunder Bay
outside my fathers backyard.
He had about 50 acers and
We spent most of our time together out there.
I guess that's what men and fathers and sons
normally do.
I was usually fine with it but I was also lazy
and brought up with 3 overly cautious women so,
it was a change.
remember one morning looking out the guest room window
and seeing two bears outside,
the larger one was jet black the smaller (still big)
was a little lighter and climbing one of the old
trees about 30 feet from the window.
I could hear the dogs barking.
I ran out of the room and down the stairs yelling
DAD! DAD!!! there are BEARS outside!


He was at the table. He looked at me like
for some reason I should have known this was no big deal,
that BEARS come on the property all the time.

'Drew, we do not yell like that in this house' he said,
in a tone I imagine god would use to freeze rain.

He said to make sure my boots were dry because we were going
Snowshoeing across the lake after breakfast,

I never ever wanted to take a step outside the house again.

or be in it.


Woke up around 2pm
Had toast and
For breakfast
Turned on the CBC
Got dressed around 3:30pm-
Chose a couple
Books off the shelf,
A pad of paper,
A pen
And went down the street
To a coffee shop.
I wanted it to be less crowded.
Finished a cigarette outside,
Ordered a strong coffee
And sat down.
Skimmed the crowd.
Hoped I didn't know anyone.
Opened one of the books,
It got quiet
Then a crowd of people trudged in through
The door and brushed against my table with
Their coats and bags.
Glanced at some Wordsworth,
Thought I should give Pope some attention,
Setteled on Emily D.
And spent the next few hours being swept
Under the rug like the rest
Of the dust.