Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas 1995

I don't remember much of Thunder Bay
outside my fathers backyard.
He had about 50 acers and
We spent most of our time together out there.
I guess that's what men and fathers and sons
normally do.
I was usually fine with it but I was also lazy
and brought up with 3 overly cautious women so,
it was a change.
remember one morning looking out the guest room window
and seeing two bears outside,
the larger one was jet black the smaller (still big)
was a little lighter and climbing one of the old
trees about 30 feet from the window.
I could hear the dogs barking.
I ran out of the room and down the stairs yelling
DAD! DAD!!! there are BEARS outside!


He was at the table. He looked at me like
for some reason I should have known this was no big deal,
that BEARS come on the property all the time.

'Drew, we do not yell like that in this house' he said,
in a tone I imagine god would use to freeze rain.

He said to make sure my boots were dry because we were going
Snowshoeing across the lake after breakfast,

I never ever wanted to take a step outside the house again.

or be in it.

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