Thursday, November 4, 2010


Woke up around 2pm
Had toast and
For breakfast
Turned on the CBC
Got dressed around 3:30pm-
Chose a couple
Books off the shelf,
A pad of paper,
A pen
And went down the street
To a coffee shop.
I wanted it to be less crowded.
Finished a cigarette outside,
Ordered a strong coffee
And sat down.
Skimmed the crowd.
Hoped I didn't know anyone.
Opened one of the books,
It got quiet
Then a crowd of people trudged in through
The door and brushed against my table with
Their coats and bags.
Glanced at some Wordsworth,
Thought I should give Pope some attention,
Setteled on Emily D.
And spent the next few hours being swept
Under the rug like the rest
Of the dust.

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