Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bible Belt

Her thighs opened smooth, carved and hard,
My fingertips griped them as they would 
A lid to a casket,
A place men go but never come out of

The aroma of her cunt danced with the 
Sweat and the thick humid air,
Twinkled like a star through the sheets,
The funeral was starting I could hear the music
My blood turned to feathers
As her grip tore me by my spirit
And turned me inside out
I took her by suprize,
Found her flower and stole the pollen
And fucked her in a way
She knew she would be
Staying fucked. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


You got it all wrong, man
You only want it because it vanished, 
It's like... high noon and you're just
Walking circles looking for your shadow,
Well it will come back just give it 
Some time,
Be patient, and ya so much easier said 
Then done
I know you know I know that,
But ain't another option
Cuz those veins ain't empty yet
And it's not the pain we're worried bout
As much as what we'll do if we ever
Actually get what we've been
Askin' for
And realize 
It's not her as much as her absence that your drawn too,
And she's got her own things going
And you have your own things going
We got it all wrong, man
But if you gotta want something,
It mayaswell be her,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

born, raised

Saturday, December 18, 2010

snow angel

the moon
crawled across the sky,
a prelude to the suns rise;
as it followed close behind,
longing to wake and catch your eye

...we'll get her next time

the way
a rose grows it's pedals
just to have them
i'm writing to say
i love you,
because you wont pick
up my

what did I do so wrong?

my angel, 
etched in snow
keeping cold.